Magic Plants & The Reef Team Up to Launch “Reefopoly”
Magic Plants & The Reef Team Up to Launch “Reefopoly”

Reefopoly, styled after McDonald's Monopoly, is an online app and website designed by Magic Plants (Frequency Software) and it can be played by visiting The Reef Muskegon or The Reef Detroit. Now featured in the Detroit Metro Times, MLIVE, and more! Find out how to participate by visiting and read more details below.

 🎊Win 1 of 4 Grand Prizes or 🎁

Over 3,500 Instant Win Prizes! 😊🎈🎄




• $100,000 Cash 💵💲

• FREE Weed for Life* 🌿🌬️

• Caribbean Cruise for 2 🚢🏝️

• Basement Grow Kit 💡🪴 🌟

• 3000 Free Pre-rolls 💫

• 300 Free 5-pack of Pre-rolls 🍥

• 100 Free BAKERS DOZEN’s (13pk of Pre-rolls) 🔌

• 100 Free 8ths of Premium Flower ☘️


¬ HOW TO PLAY: 🏪🎏🌱 Visit The Reef store in Detroit or Muskegon to purchase a qualifying product, Bloominati or CHEEP S#IT, to get a game card! 🃏 The card will have a code that you need to scratch to reveal! 👀 You enter your codes on the website after you register a free Reefopoly account and login to it. ⚠️ NOTE: You must be logged-in to enter codes on your account.

¬ HOW TO WIN: You enter codes on the website and it saves your progress to your account automatically! 😎👍🏻 Some prizes require you to collect multiple colors 🔴🔵🟠🟣 and cards, others are INSTANT Win and you get the prize listed on the card immediately. 🎴♦️♣️

¬ HOW TO REGISTER: To register, Login, and to read the further rules simply visit and follow the instructions. 📖👆😉 ¬ HOW TO COLLECT PRIZES: Present your cards and/or Reefopoly username (to verify that you have won) in-store at The Reef. 🗺️ See website for directions!

¬ WHO IS GONNA WIN!?!: Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 📲 Rules will be posted soon on the website so go participate in this new game that can either get you seriously paid, get you free weed for life, or so much more! 🌟 @findthereefmi and @magicplants ✅

⚠ Brought to you by Clark Street Investments! ⚠

Disclaimer: This game, website, and company is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Hasbro, McDonald's, or any subsidiaries.

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