2 Free Pre-Rolls for Vets! Michigrown & Magic Plants
2 Free Pre-Rolls for Vets! Michigrown & Magic Plants
Michigrown is giving away two free pre-rolls to veterans at any High Society store! Magic Plants was hired to make the custom webpage so the vets could get the information they needed and find the shops with a store locator.

Michigrown and Magic Plants: The Medi-Pak Story

Another collaboration between Michigrown and Magic Plants! They needed an update to the website we created for them so they could showcase their MediPak project for Veterans, where any veteran can get 2 free pre-rolls per day at any High Society location! Talk about giving back to the troops!! So you know I was onboard but they needed it in just a few hours and had some very specific requirements so I pulled out all the stops and made sure they got everything they needed. A sticky header, a custom store locator for just the High Society shops with the promotion, and so much more had to be done right and quickly! You know nothing but the best comes from both Michigrown and Magic Plants.

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